Here’s Why The 2019 Toyota Avalon Is The Most Luxurious Toyota Sold In America [Video]

Plus, how easily does a person fit in the trunk?

Toyota has redesigned their flagship sedan for this year. The 2019 Toyota Avalon has a different face and some major upgrades. However, the 2019 Toyota Avalon remains the most luxurious Toyota sold here in the US. In this video, we cover all of the features on the new Avalon that accentuate that luxury feel.


One of the newest things about the new Avalon is its design. Toyota has tweaked the front-end styling for 2019. In doing so, they seem to have created a bit of a split opinion. Whether you love the look or hate it, you have to admit this Avalon makes a statement. Plus, Toyota has kept some really elegant body lines as a part of the design on this Avalon. Which, I think, contributes to its luxury appeal.


Our tester this week was a Hybrid Avalon, which makes use of a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder in conjunction with two electric motors and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Total system output comes to 215 horsepower. The gas engine makes, on its own, 176 horsepower and 163 lb-ft of torque.

This engine is exceptionally smooth and quiet, while still offering a respectable amount of power. It is certainly not a rocket ship, 215 horsepower feels like a small number these days. However, getting to highway speeds, or passing someone is not a difficult task.


The Avalon remains Toyota’s largest sedan. As a result, the interior is still plenty spacious and comfortable. My 6-foot-2 self had no problems fitting in any seat in this Avalon. There is plenty of headroom, legroom, and shoulder room throughout the car. Heck, I can even climb in the trunk with relative comfort.

Interior Quality

The Avalon’s interior is wrought with high-quality materials that further promote a luxurious feel. Buttery leather swaths you, covering half of the surfaces on the interior. Plus, there is a gorgeous combination of real wood trim pieces and metal finishes.

Furthermore, every button, switch, and knob you interact with on the interior is pleasant to use. While it is not a Lexus, the quality feel is right on par with Toyota’s luxury brand.

You Never Have to Fill Up

A part of luxury we don’t often think about is not having to fill up with gas constantly. Our hybrid Avalon certainly fulfills that qualification. The EPA estimates this 2019 Toyota Avalon will get 43 MPG in the City, 43 MPG on the highway and a combined rating of (surprise) 43 MPG. Thanks to the Avalon’s 13.2 gallon fuel tank, average range should be 567 miles on a tank.

I did some math to see how often the average American driver would have to fill up with gas. Based on an average yearly mileage of 13,474 miles (USDOT), the average driver goes 259 miles in a week. As a result, the average driver would fill up their Avalon hybrid once every 2.2 weeks. Annual fuel costs? Just $900 per year, on average.

Comfy, Smooth & Sharp

The culmination of all the above pieces of the luxury puzzle is a wonderfully luxurious driving experience. The powerplant is smooth, efficient and quiet. The suspension is comfortable, but not dull. As a result, the 2019 Toyota Avalon is a super luxurious car to drive. By our decibel meter test, the interior sits at just under 60 decibels going 60 MPH on the highway.

What About Price?

The 2019 Toyota Avalon is a very luxurious car. However, its price tag does not seem as luxurious as it feels like it should be. The base model Avalon starts at around $36,000. Ours was the Hybrid Limited trim. This combination starts at $42,000, while options brought our tester’s MSRP up to just under $45,000. $45,000 may sound like a lot for a Toyota sedan. However, when you consider the luxury appointments, that price feels more like a bargain.

Watch the whole video to find out what else makes the 2019 Toyota Avalon so luxurious. Also, you have to see me crawl in the trunk.

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