Kia Teases DUB-Built K900 and Stinger at SEMA 2018 [News]

Kia and DUB team up on an exclusive (and extremely blue) K900.

As cars go, the Kia Stinger and K900 occupy the extreme ends of the company’s spectrum. On one hand, you have a luxury car touted as “a new take on luxury”. On the other, you have a sports car that’s “not for the faint-hearted,” at least according to Kia. We just have these teaser images so far, but it makes sense for the Stinger to make an appearance at a trade event like SEMA. It’s a solid sports sedan which presents a hotbed for aftermarket performance parts. The K900, on the other hand, is a bit of a surprise. That’s likely why DUB jazzed up this more aggressively-styled K900 with an electric blue paint scheme.

As far as the Stinger’s concerned, we get a good look at the car’s 22-inch wheels. There’s also its black and red interior, which creates a more distinctive appearance for Kia’s four-door fastback. Apart from the interior, the SEMA Stinger has a custom exhaust, air intake and air ride suspension.

Wait, “electric blue” you say?

DUB went one farther with the K900. Gloss black accents offset the in-your-face bright blue paint. Then there’s 24-inch wheels, a custom interior (featuring the same color palette), and air ride suspension. According to Kia, this K900 also has a specially developed multimedia system.

Kia plans to debut these two alongside other “custom creations” tomorrow when SEMA officially kicks off. Until then, we’re left to wonder exactly what else Kia and DUB have up their sleeve. At the moment, there’s no mention of any performance changes to either car. We’d be excited to see some tuning go into the Stinger, apart from simply sticking to aesthetic changes. The DUB K900 may be less subdued, but at least the color choice tries to set it apart from its more reserved luxury origins.

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