This Is What Jeep Has to Say About the Wrangler JL Rubicon’s Biggest Complaints

How Does Jeep Respond to the JLs Biggest Complaints?

Our friends from the YouTube Channel Lite Brite posted this video highlighting their top 5 complaints about the Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon. What better way to try and address these complaints than bring them up with the JL’s chief engineer, Brian Leyes. In the video above, TFL’s own Roman Mica interviews Brian, outlining some of Lite Brite’s concerns:

5) Windshield Cracks

Brittany – Lite Brite’s presenter –  had a gripe with how easily the Wrangler JL’s windshield cracks. Many customers have reported issues with a cracked windshield, so Brittany suggested switching to Gorilla Glass, for better durability.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon limited

Brian explains that the flat design of the windshield is the main reason for the breaks, not so much the type of glass used. In fact, Brian suggests switching to Gorilla Glass would probably not make a huge difference.

Jeeps have an iconic look, which the flat windscreen helps accomplish. Sometimes you have to make a compromise.

4) Why no flat bottom?

The JL Rubicon comes with a comprehensive skid plate package, but those skid plates, and some of the crossmembers have holes in them, and get caught on rocks quite easily.

2018 jeep wrangler unlimited undercarriage suspension

The holes are put in place for two big reasons, according to Brian. Weight savings is a big deal. Solid skid plates underneath would be quite heavy, plus engines make heat, and that heat needs to go somewhere. A solid underside would cause some problems with cooling.

3) License Plate Bracket Placement

Brittany and Nick from Lite Brite managed to very easily tear off their license plate bracket on a rock, like many other JL Rubicon owners.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Limited

However, there are only so many places to put the license plate, legally. So, this spot on the bumper made the most sense.

2) Rear Bumper Buckling

The Rubicon comes from the factory with steel bumpers. However, the folks at Lite Brite found that the rear bumper was particularly prone to buckling, potentially causing damage to the bodywork.

Mopar Modified 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

Simply put, Jeep designed the bumper to a certain strength standard. It meets the standards that Jeep gave themselves. For the people that know they will be torturing their Jeep a little extra, there are plenty of aftermarket options that offer more protection.

1) Stronger Tailgate

It has long been a Jeep thing that you need to get a stronger spare tire mount for anything significantly heavier than the stock tire size. Brittany was wondering why it is that Jeep doesn’t make the tailgate hinges more robust, so it can hold a larger tire from the factory.

On the JL Wrangler, Jeep actually made it so that you can have up to 35″ tires on that mount without any issues from the factory. The stock tires are 33″, and a 35″ tire is a pretty significant upgrade in size. Again, for the person that needs that big of a tire, there are plenty of aftermarket options to choose from.

2018 jeep wrangler unlimited

That is what the man behind the Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon had to say about Lite Brite’s main complaints. Let us know what you think of that answer in the comments below.

Building a vehicle like the Wrangler Rubicon is a task of making calculated compromises. Jeep has to deal with all kinds of legal restrictions and loopholes to produce a vehicle that can survive on the road, as well as the Rubicon Trail.

Lite Brite have reached out to us about doing some off-roading here in Colorado. Stay tuned for some collaborative videos coming out in the near future!

Lite Brite have also published a follow up to our video, addressing Brian’s responses to their complaints. To see what they said, check out their video below: