No Diff Locks? No Problem: Driving a Jeep to the Top of the World [Video]

The Easter Jeep Safari always provides its fair share of adventures to be had. This year, one of those adventures was a trail drive put on by Bestop, that would end up at the top of the world… Well, the top of Utah, at least. The prerequisite components that you were supposed to have for this drive were: #1 a Jeep, which Roman had. #2 35-inch tires, also on the Jeep Wrangler JK (Tommy’s) that Roman brought along. #3 were locking differentials, which is where our long term JK fell slightly short of the requirements, but a good attitude would suffice instead.

Jeep Wrangler JK. Easter Jeep Safari - Beware: Don't Get Screwed Over by Self-Serve Car Washes
[Photo: TFLcar]

No Diff Locks? No Problem

Initially the trail was pretty tame, to the point that most crossovers could make it with little issue. However, rocks, serious rocks, started appearing and Tommy’s Jeep, with Roman at the helm, was put through a good off-road test. Gradually, the obstacles grew more technical and challenging, to the point that even the most built rigs at the trail drive were getting hung up on the more challenging bits.

Careful Driving is Rewarded

Roman smartly followed the spotter’s advice and was able to make it with the other Jeeps with minimal damage to Tommy’s beloved Wrangler Sport. Although a wheel may have taken a slight gash.

The payoff was what could only be described as a staggering view of Utah’s natural beauty. To see where they finally ended up, be sure to watch the whole video.

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