The Latest and Greatest Cars at the 2017 LA Auto Show! [Video]

It’s a whirlwind of new models and concepts – the latest and greatest at the 2017 LA Auto Show!

2017’s Los Angeles International Auto show has featured headline debuts, amazing new models and awesome concepts. You’ve seen what the show had to offer. Now, check out the video above for TFL’s list of the top latest and greatest cars of the 2017 LA Auto Show:

Jeep Wrangler JL (Photo gallery – click tabs to advance)

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The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL was indisputably one of the biggest reveals at the LA Auto Show. TFLcar has brought you every piece of pre-debut news we could get our hands on. From Mopar’s performance parts reveal at SEMA, to offical press images, to spy shot after spy shot. At long last, the JK replacement is finally here. If you haven’t caught up on all the specs for the new Wrangler, check out our comprehensive post covering everything you need to know!

Corvette ZR1 Convertible

2019 chevy corvette zr1 convertible
2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Convertible

When the Corvette ZR1 debuted in Dubai, the biggest headline was it’s Hellcat-topping 755 horsepower. But that’s not all – it also has a whopping 715 lbs-ft of torque routed through a seven-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic. If you look at it on paper, you’d rightly argue that the 2019 Corvette ZR1 is a true swan song for the C7 generation. As it should be, since the ZR1 has always been the daddy when it comes to Corvettes. Now, though, there’s a convertible version! All that horsepower and an open roof – an unbeatable combination for some.


Infiniti QX50

2019 Infiniti QX50
Infiniti has unveiled the new QX50 as “the most important vehicle we have ever launched.” [Photo: Derek Mau]
Crossovers are a hot topic these days, and pretty much every manufacturer competes in the segment. So, to truly stand out, you need something no other manufacturer has. At least that’s Infiniti’s approach with the new 2018 QX50. Sure, you get all the usual compact luxury crossover accoutrements, but there’s more! This car features the first commercially-available variable compression engine. The idea with it is that you get the fuel economy of (nearly) a diesel with the responsive performance of a high-compression gasoline engine.


Range Rover SVAutobiography (Photo gallery – click tabs to advance)

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The Range Rover is just one of those vehicles that exudes luxury from every conceivable detail. The SVAutobiography trim takes that notion and goes completely berserk with it. For $207,900, you can have a slice of that sumptuous luxury. It’s the most expensive Range Rover ever. As we know with Land Rover’s ultimate SUV, however, it’s not all swagger. The Range Rover is also monstrously capable when it’s off the beaten track. Not that anyone who buys this version will ever take it there.



bmw m5 at los angeles auto show
[Photo: Newspress USA]
BMW has long stood at the top of the heap in the world of performance sedans. Their M cars are legendary for their prowess. However, Munich’s ultimate sports sedan has been missing in the latest F90 generation. Until now, that is. That’s right – there’s a new M5 on the block, and it’s a monster. Horsepower? 600. Zero to 60? 3.2 seconds. It even makes almost 27 MPG from its twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8, to boot. For $103,595 and up, you too can have a that renowned M car experience. Compared to the Range Rover SVAutobiography, it’s a bargain!


Mazda Vision Coupe

Mazda i Vision Coupe Concept at LA Auto Show
[Photo: Norman Woo]
While the Range Rover is swathed in luxury, the M5 is a rocket of a sports sedan, and the convertible ZR1 offers a slice of performance and Americana, the Mazda Vision Coupe was, hands down, among the most beautiful cars at the show. Mazda emphasizes craftsmanship in this, they’re most evocative demonstration of the Kodo design language yet. Four dours, long hood, striking lines all around – this car is remarkably good looking. Sadly, Mazda has no plans to actually put this into production. Pity.


Volvo XC40

2019 Volvo XC40 at 2017 LA Auto Show
[Photo: Derek Mau]
While the Mazda is extremely graceful in its appearance, Volvo has also been on a roll with their handsome lineup. The new XC40 is Volvo’s smallest-yet illustration of design language that graces the XC90 and all-new XC60. Some of the lines are markedly different than those in the XC40’s bigger cousins. That being said, it’s still a great looking small SUV.


BMW i8 Roadster

2019 BMW i8 Roadster

BMW updated its i8 coupe for the new model year, but it also introduced a new roadster. While the original i8 coupe’s looks wrote checks its performance credentials couldn’t cash, the i8 Roadster makes the car into more of a GT than an out-and-out supercar. It gets from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, so it’s not exactly slow. If you’re looking for a striking convertible cruiser, the i8 Roadster goes on sale in Spring 2018.


Toyota FT-AC Concept

Toyota FT-AC Concept

From a design perspective, Toyota’s FT-AC concept is striking from most angles. Toyota is marketing this vehicle as a have-fun, go anywhere machine for the active lifestyle crowd. It takes a few design cues from a few other Toyotas – see the 4Runner in the front end? – while adding some chunky wheels and a lot of cladding. No word yet on whether the company plans to send this lime-colored SUV to production.

Toyota Hydrogen Truck

Okay, so this one isn’t a car. However, Toyota’s hydrogen truck does use hydrogen fuel cells from a car! The Toyota Mirai, to be exact. They stuffed two Mirai fuel cells into a Kenworth T660 body to create a zero-emissions truck. It makes 670 horsepower and 1,325 lbs-ft of torque. It’s good for 200 miles of range, which is enough to run around the Port of Los Angeles the past few months, as they have done.


What is your favorite car from the LA Auto Show so far? Let us know in the comments! The auto show is on now until the 10th of December at the LA Convention Center.