BMW X4 M Spied in Georgia [Spy Photos]

Another new BMW was caught testing – this time in north Georgia.

Yesterday, Michael Curtis showed you some photos of the new X3 M out and about in South Carolina. Today, I’ve got another BMW for you (two, even!): the 2019 X4, this time testing in north Georgia. Albeit sporting much more camouflage, our intrepid photographer spotted these two just north of Commerce, Georgia, heading toward BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant.

While automotive press spotted the normal X4 sans camouflage a couple months ago, new masks here suggest these may be M variants of the new model. It is a bit difficult to tell because of the camouflage, but the wheels suggest something beefier over a run-of-the-mill X4. Given BMW’s push to M-ify the rest of its lineup, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if we turned out to be looking at a new performance SAV.

As with the X3, BMW has not formally announced the X4 M just yet. However, if they do end up producing it, we can already make a couple presumptions. First, BMW will build it at the Spartanburg plant, alongside the rest of BMW’s X lineup. Second, the new X4 (and the M) will share its powertrain with the X3. Focusing on the M model, the new X4 may well borrow its engine from the M3/M4. That means you’ll get a turbocharged straight-6 engine making well north of 400 horsepower.

No word on a debut for a new X4, in any guise, just yet. Perhaps we’ll see it at the Los Angeles International Auto Show this December, or the NAIAS in Detroit next year.

Many thanks to Chris for sending in these pictures. If you have spy shots of your own to submit, be sure to send them to us at!

While the X4 may or may not be coming, here’s a video of the current-generation X4 M40i on the track.