How to Turn a Jeep Wrangler Into the Ultimate Island Cruiser

It’s 1974 all over again and you want to comb the beach in an open-air Jeep with Bob Marley blaring through a wood trimmed dash. But there is just one problem: it’s actually the middle of a Michigan winter and your kids need to be picked up from school.

Tyler Ruby brand director for Black Forest Gear found the perfect solution, and it comes from the infinitely customizable Jeep Wrangler JK. New for 2017 Jeep now offers a Wrangler Chief limited edition available in either 2-door or unlimited models. Equipped with a unique white hardtop and decals, the Chief edition plays off the Easter Jeep Safari Jeep Chief Concept from 2015. Not satisfied with the mere sticker package found on the special edition Wrangler, Tyler went farther. Much farther.

2015 Jeep Chief Concept

Mechanical upgrades found underneath are supplied by TerraFlex. Tyler and his friend had two examples of the custom Jeep made with upgraded front and rear axles. New fully adjustable Falcon Shocks allow the driver to fine tune the rig based on off-road situation and needs. Powder coated TerraFlex bumpers and rock sliders add to the island vibe. Finally, a custom made Black Forest ThrowBack soft top finishes off the Chief Clear-Coat blue exterior paint.

Modifications continue inside. Hydro dipped dashboard imitation wood adds a unique flare not found on many other Wranglers. My favorite feature has to be the sticker bomb vent and door trim surrounds, a uniquely island look done in surf related content. Hawaiian themed seat covers are a bold accent, but one that fits well with the uniquely laid back vibe of this custom Jeep.

Of course the most profound modification found on this Jeep has to be the front clip. Inspired by the military Kaiser M715 this slant nosed grill and front end is a distinctive design produced by Predator Automotive Group. Designed specifically for the Jeep Wrangler JK this one-of-a kind design can be yours for $6500.

So while this crazy rig may not have the complete retro inspired body of the 2015 concept, it does give Tyler a shockingly unique build in a community known for trying just about anything.

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Our video below is chocked full of more info on this bright blue rig, watch it now!