The Volkswagen Atreon fastback will debut at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show

Positioned above the Volkswagen Passat, the Volkswagen Arteon is a fastback sedan Volkswagen considers it an, “Avant-garde Gran Turismo is a stylish entry in the premium mid-size class.” Very little on known about the Volkswagen Arteon fastback other than it’s related to the Volkswagen Passat, it has the latest generation driver’s assistance systems and a completely unique front end.

With the debut of the Volkswagen Arteon fastback sedan, it begs the question, “What’s happening to the Volkswagen CC?” It looks like the Volkswagen Arteon could replace the Volkswagen CC in the lineup, at least in the North American market. Many members of team TFL favor the Volkswagen CC above all of the current batch of sedans Volkswagen offers in North America.

According to Volkswagen, “The key objective for the designers and developers of the Arteon was to combine avant-garde design with a high level of versatility. This resulted in an interior architecture which is exceptionally spacious, with ample head and legroom for all the seats. This is exceptional for this type of body style.”

While there are only sketches available now, you do get an idea of what the designers at Volkswagen were thinking. Things look promising, especially with the new nose design. Hopefully, it is as sleek (if not sleeker) than the current Volkswagen CC.

We’ll see soon.

The 2017 Geneva Auto Show runs from March 9th – March 19th 2017.