Infiniti announces pricing, trim levels on new QX30 crossover [News]


Infiniti is entering the small hatchback/crossover market with its new 2017 QX30 vehicle that will start under $30,000 for the base trim level.

The QX30 will be available for sale starting in September, and will compete against its sister car, the Mercedes Benz GLA, the Lexus NX and the BMW X1. Infiniti recently announced the pricing and specs of the six trim levels, and a new reservation program where buyers can sign up and be the first to get a new QX30.

The QX30 also will likely appeal to those wanting a turbo engine as all trim levels come equipped with a 2.0-liter, inline-four turbo. The standard engine is rated at 208 horsepower at 5,500 rpm with a peak torque of 258 lb-ft.

All levels also will come with a seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission with standard paddle sifters.

The higher-end trim levels like the Sport, Luxury AWD and Premium AWD offer additional interior and exterior styling. The Sport offers a lower ride height while the AWD levels for the Luxury and Premium have higher ride height to account for their drivetrain.

The Sport starts at $38,500 while the Luxury and Premium trim levels vary depending on if a buyer gets the front-wheel or all-wheel drive version. The price for those trim levels is between $32,600 for the front-wheel-drive Luxury to $37,700 for the Premium all-wheel drive.

The QX30 also comes with Infiniti’s infotainment system, providing a variety of touch screen capabilities for audio and navigation. There’s also a voice recognition system available for hands-free access. The QX30 comes equipped with several safety features such as intelligent cruise control.

The Sport also comes standard with a park assist system, a new for Infiniti, which uses sensors to determine if a parking spot is large enough. A driver then just has to activate the system, and the car will park itself with the assistance of the driver who will use the accelerator, shifter and brake pedal. The park assist is also available on the Premium levels, but at an extra cost.

TFLcar’s Roman Mica was at the press launch of the QX30. Check out this related video review of Infiniti’s new crossover: