Colorado Cars & Coffee: An Eclectic Mix of New, Rare, and Exotic Cars [Video]

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Cars & Coffee in Boulder/Lafayette is a casual gathering of gearheads and auto enthusiasts that meet on the first Saturday of the month. With literally hundreds of cars and trucks attending the event — ranging from the rare to newest rides, and from the outrageously expensive to all-out customized — there is bound to be something here that will capture the attention of anyone who is remotely interested in cars.

Watch the video below as Roman and Paul browse through the rows and rows of cars that gathered for the April 2 Cars and Coffee. Who know what they’ll find parked in this uncategorized collection of rolling metal and thunderous roar of heavy horsepower.

There is such a large variety of cars at a Cars & Coffee meet, there is often an attendance of cars that you normally would not see at a typical car show. Ever seen or heard of a Ford Shogun? Basically, it’s the marriage of a Taurus SHO 220 horsepower 3.0-liter Yamaha V6 engine and a Ford Festiva. Since the Festiva was originally built to be a sub-compact economy car, the big V6 motor and transmission displaced the back seats for a pseudo mid-engine setup.

Range Rover Defenders have an almost cult following here in the U.S. after Land Rover stopped selling them stateside in the nineties. The aging platform could not meet strict safety and emissions standards, plus its sales numbers were shrinking at the time. Now that Defenders are forbidden fruit, they are imported for the people who have deep pockets and a strong desire to drive something that is difficult to obtain.

You probably have a local Cars & Coffee meet in your area. Find out when and where they meet every month and feast upon some rare and exotic cars. If you don’t have a standing C&C gathering near you, maybe it’s time to organize one. There’s bound to be a lot of unique and cool cars tucked away in garages within a short driving distance.