Introducing TFL’s New Expert Driver and Hellcat Wrangler: Paul Gerrard [Video]

dodge challenger hellcat drifting

Now that The Fast Lane has 707 horsepower Hellcat in the stable, what’s needed is a pro driver behind the wheel to wring out the maximum performance and be able to help with testing of the cars that will go up against the red fire-breathing dragon from Mopar. Introducing Paul Gerrard, TFL’s newest expert driver that will test drive cars around the TFL track and wear through a few sets of tires.

paul gerrardWhile Paul Gerrard may not be as well-known as Dale Earnhardt Jr or Lewis Hamilton, he does know is way around a race track. And you may have seen him in action, but didn’t realize it was Gerrard masterfully piloting that supercar around the course. Before becoming a professional stunt driver, Gerrard earned multiple racing championships and became Chief of Special Projects for Skip Barber — the largest racing school in the world.

Gerrard has a wide range of automotive talents and deep history in motorsports. His ability to write and present in an entertaining and compelling manner earned appearances on TV shows such as MythBusters, ABC Nightly News, Supercars Exposed, and National Geographic’s Ultimate Factories. Gerrard is also a commentator at X Games for ESPN and the voice for the Global Rallycross Championship race series that features Ken Block and Tanner Foust.