Hyundai Triple-Play: IONIQ Offered with Choice of 3 Electric Powertrains [News]

Hyundai IONIQ teaser image

Hyundai released a teaser image of IONIQ, their new eco-friendly car that will be offered with available electric powertrains – battery electric, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), or gas/electric hybrid. These types of powertrains are not new, but to have them offered under one body style is an industry first.

Hyundai is keeping the details a secret for little while longer, but the teaser image is showing the car will take the shape of a large five-door hatchback that somehow reminds us of the Chevrolet Volt with sleeker body lines and possibly LED headlights and taillights.

Hyundai states, “The IONIQ breaks hybrid stereotype by delivering entertaining drive alongside class-leading fuel economy and appealing design.”

The vehicle is based on a brand new platform, created specifically for multi-powertrain options. In its fully-electric (EV) form, the IONIQ will be powered by a high capacity, ultra-efficient lithium ion battery, while the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version will combine the fuel-efficient energy with battery power. Last but not least, the hybrid (HEV) will use a gasoline engine and the motion of the car to charge the on-board battery.

The Korean automaker is making good on a promise made back in March of 2014 to introduce a mid-size electric car, that would be released in 2016. It was further reported later that the company had signed a deal with LG Chem for use of its next generation cells in the EV. If company really wanted to break the hybrid stereotype, they would release a battery electric vehicle with a range or greater, which be a good starting point for the all-electric Hyundai.

More details to be announced during its January 2016 global launch in Korea, followed by the Geneva and New York auto shows.

Until the Hyundai IONIQ becomes a real product, we have the next-gen 2016 Toyota Prius to carry us over.