Clarkson, Hammond & May are Coming to America: New Amazon “Top Gear” Show is a Done Deal

Old Top Gear's Latest Episode
Old Top Gear’s Latest Episode

According to TFL inside sources, Old British “Top Gear” is heading to California for a new car show that will feature Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. TFL sources say the new Amazon show deal is done and it just remains to be announced.

A new car show that airs on Internet-based Amazon has the added benefit that it allows the former “Top Gear” boys to circumvent their BBC contract which prevents them from making a rival car show with a British broadcaster until 2017.

The trio have taken their show on the road with a live tour with future stops in London and Warsaw. On a recent Clarkson, Hammond and May Live show in Australia, Clarkson joked with Hammond:

“You’re not in America,” the 55-year-old presenter said with a wry smile.

“Not yet,” Hammond replied.

What will the new American based show be called? Certainly not Top Gear as the new Top Gear will continue in the UK with a new team of presenters headed up by British TV and radio personality, Chris Evans.

Our best guess is that the new Amazon show will be called Clarkson, Hammond and May just like the current live show to take advantage of the trio’s name recognition, however that is just pure speculation on our part.

Look for the formal announcement of the new show very soon. But please note that we have not confirmed this story with Clarkson, Hammond or May.

In the meantime you can watch the last episode of the old British Top Gear below:

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Editor’s Note: We updated this story to reflect the correct company information. TFL’s inside sources had Clarkson, Hammond or May signing the new show deal with Netflix when it turned out that it was really Amazon.