Jeep Renegade Hard Steel Concept gets a Trailer and UConnect Live [Geneva Preview]

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Jeep Renegade Hard Steel and trailer

There is something endearing about a car towing a matching trailer. And that is exactly what the Jeep Renegade Hard Steel is towing to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The concept is based on the production Trailhawk model, and the overall design of this tiny trailer is spot on. It even has a couple of odd touches like a fuel door and a wheel-flare cut where the rear door would have been.


The 2015 Renegade 4×4 models equipped with a 2.4L engine and the 9-speed automatic transmission do have a 2,000 lbs maximum towing rating. So, it’s feasible to tow a tiny trailer with the Renegade. Some small trailers that are just big enough for a double-bed weigh around 900 pounds.


The idea behind the Hard Steel concept is to show off some Mopar accessory possibilities. However, there is no official word on whether the trailer or the special hood will be available for sale.

The concept is also showing a new UConnect Live infotainment system. It features further integration with smart phones and provides access to internet radio and social networks.

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