2015 Ford Mustang GT HPE700: A Pony to Eat Hellcats? [Preview]

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2015 Ford Mustang GT Hennessey HPE700

As always, Hennessey’s HPE700 designation on this 2015 Ford Mustang GT points to the approximate horsepower of the tuned car. In fact, this pony is rated at 717 horsepower @ 6,600 rpm and 632 lb-ft of torque @ 4,400 rpm. Hennessey Performance quotes 0-60 mph acceleration of 3.2 seconds and quarter-mile time of 11.2 seconds @ 131 mph. The quarter-mile time is identical to that of a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on production street tires. Although the Hellcat is moving at a slightly lower 125 mph at the end of the drag.

The muscle car war is alive an well. We will not know for sure which car is quicker unless we do a proper drag race and evaluation, but what an exciting time it is to be a performance car enthusiast!


The Mustang does have a weight advantage. The stock Mustang GT with a manual transmission has a curb weight of 3,704 lbs according to Ford. Dodge specifies the Challenger Hellcat at 4,160 lbs. The Roots-type high-helix supercharger that pumps 7.25 psi of boost, the high-flow throttle body, upgraded injectors, high-flow fuel pump, and stainless-steel exhaust system will add some weight, but HPE700 Mustang will still have several hundred pounds of advantage.


The Hennessey HPE700 Mustangs can be picked up at AutoNation chain of Ford dealerships with a starting price of $59,500. Curiously, this starting price if $495 less than that of the 2015 Challenger Hellcat. There are additional CarbonAero kit, Hennessey wheels, and Brembo brake package upgrades that you can make at additional cost.

FYI. Hennessey is also working on a performance upgrade for the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost. Stay tuned for this.

Check out this fun and informative TFLcar first drive video of the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost.


Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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