Maserati Driver Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer

Photo: Eric Clark

File this under the weird category; a man in Braintree, Massachusetts was arrested for impersonating a police officer in his 2010 Maserati Gran Turismo. According to police reports, the car was painted black and wait, carried K9 and 911 stickers, and also had a police-looking shield. The only thing the car was missing was the light bar on the top.

According to police, instead of saying “To Protect and Serve,” the shield on the Maserati read “Deceptions Punish and Enslave.” The unidentified driver told law enforcement that he was helping them out; when people would see him approaching they’d slow down. He is scheduled to appear in court today to explain why his car is painted the way that it is.

I’m not a legal expert, but if driving a car that resembles a police cruiser is a crime (reports don’t say this guy was doing anything other than driving down the street), then there are several vehicles in my own community that need to be stopped and cited. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

Chad Kirchner

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