How-To Video: Pairing a Windows Smartphone to BMW iDrive

2014 bmw 335i gt windows phone bluetooth how

TFLcar is starting a new “How-to” video series with our Technology Editor – Nicole Wakelin.  This time it’s about pairing your Windows smartphone to a 2014 BMW 335i GT and its iDrive system.  The iDrive system has been updated for most 2014 models with a faster processing power and a new iDrive Touch controller.   However, the basic iDrive featured remain the same across all recent BMWs.

Watch this video to see how to pair a Windows smartphone with BMW’s latest iDrive system:


1. Make sure car and phone are both on.

2. From main menu, Select “Multimedia”.

3. Select “Connections” at the bottom.

4. Under Bluetooth, select “Add New Device”.

5. Select “Bluetooth” on Windows smartphone, under “System Applications”.

6. “Tap to pair” on BMW from smartphone menu.

7.  Click “OK” on smartphone and BMW to confirm the pairing code.