Is the new 2011 Ford Explorer Colorado mountain trail off-road worthy?


The new 2011 Ford Explorer is a kinder, gentler and more civilized SUV than the previous model it now replaces.

It comes in a four wheel drive model that uses modern electronics to help the car when the road turns rough. But is it Colorado mountain off-road worthy?

Unlike the previous generation of the Explorer, the new model is no longer built like a “traditional” body on frame SUV.

For some of off-road purist that means that the new Explorer is no longer as off-road worthy as the last model.

We wanted to find out.

So we took the 2011 Explorer for a off-road review in the Colorado Mountains to see if it still had the chops to go where other more dirt oriented cars and SUV’s have gone before.

We dialed in the new Explorer’s electronics to rock and mud mode, and set out up the mountain.

The results?

Please watch the video below to find out.

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