Video Review: Is the 2012 Toyota Prius V ready to haul you & all your stuff?


The 2012 Toyota Prius V is first new member of the Prius family, and just like the very first Prius the V has Toyota’s now well known hybrid synergy drive that gets great gas mileage for a people hauler.

BTW: That’s pronounced Prius “Vee” and not like the Roman numeral “5”

But unlike the original Prius, the new V has grown up and gotten all family friendly with more room and more versatility to haul you, your family and all of your stuff.

Think of the new Prius V as a more versatile and larger Prius. In fact, the new V shares the same drivetrain as the current Prius.

Coming to a Toyota dealership in the fall of this year, the new Prius V has very few competitors. Toyota says that the V competes with cars like Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape Hybrid. But both of those cars offer all-wheel-drive and the Prius V is only available in gas-sipping front- wheel-drive.

So what sort of gas mileage does the Prius V get?

Nathan and Roman had a chance to recently hustle the newest Prius through the mountains near Boulder, Colorado and they filed this first drive video review.

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