Video: 2011 Toyota Venza one minute speedy review for time-crunched car shoppers


Is it a minivan or it is a crossover?

That’s the question that you might be asking about the 2011 Toyota Venza.

In fact, the 2011 Toyota Venza is a minivan for people who don’t want minivans. In this TFLcar one minute speedy review (see below) we give you the speedy scoop on this new age crossover non-minivan.

About the only really big (and we mean really big) ground breaking style bling that the Venza brings to the party are enormous 20 inch wheels which either bulge from the car’s sporty body like pumped quads on a body builder, or bring to mind an International Harvest tractor from 1970.

It really depends on which way you look at the Venza.

Inside the car is all svelte and somewhat sassy with two tone accents on the leather clad seating and “I hate it” or “I love it” automatic/sequential stick shift lever that sprouts from the center council like an unwanted weed, or a handy and smart gear changing device.

You can read our entire Toyota Venza review HERE, or if you are a time-crunched car shopper you can simple watch our speedy one minute video review below.

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