Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson accused of country hoping love affair with secret mistress

ClarksonWhat? I often stay in colleagues’ hotel rooms – that’s not unusual.

That’s a direct quote form 42-year-old Phillipa Sage who has been accused by the UK’s Mirror as Jeremy Clarkson’s intern and longtime mistress.

According to THIS story in the British Tabloid the Mirror, “Blonde Phillipa Sage, 42 joined Clarkson in Australia, South Africa and Norway – and spent several nights with him in his hotel room.

They carried on their brazen fling while his loyal wife Frances was back at their country pile in the Cotswolds, where she runs his office.

For his part the often bombastic 50-year-old Clarkson denies the report saying, “I’m surprised to find that I’m the new Tiger Woods.”

The Mirror goes on to report that both Clarkson and Sage were seem kissing in public, and sharing a hotel room in Norway as part of Top Gear’s Live Tour.

Top Gear continues to make news around the world, but perhaps for the wrong reasons, like THIS recent story.

Photo Credit: Mirror

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