Video review: is the 2010 Acura ZDX new and bold or an evolutionary dead end?


The 2010 Acura ZDX is a new and bold design from a car manufacturer that’s best known for building one of the most popular cars in the world: the Honda Accord.

Perhaps the closest competitor to the ZDX is BMW’s X6. BMW took the DNA of a SUV/Crossover and spliced it together with a 4-door coupe to create the X6 and a new kind of car.

Acura has done basically the same thing, but the approach is much more subtle.

While the BMW engineers took a sledge hammer approach to performance, Acura takes a scalpel with it’s super handling all-wheel-drive.

And while the X6 screams “get the hell out of of my way” on a twisty stretch of road the ZDX taps you on the shoulder and politely whispers ,”pardon me.”

But is a 4-door sedan built on top of a big and heavy crossover platform new and/or just an evolutionary dead end?

Check out this driven video review to find out.

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