Picture of the week: Three alternative fuel vehicles totaled in Denmark


Now we know that the brand new and totaled Tesla in this photo is all electric.

And the Prius is certainly a hybrid.

The only real question that remains is if the VW Touareg is a diesel?

But since this photo was taken in Denmark, the chances are pretty good that the VW was is a diesel.

Apparently, "the Roadster was stopped behind the Touareg when the Prius rear-ended the Roadster, pushing it under the SUV,' according to allcarselectric.com.


"The Tesla was only 14 days old and I had been driving it for 400 miles. A new Roadster has been ordered and paid by the insurance company and will arrive in Denmark in about six months. The new S model will not be available here in DK until 2012. The driver of the Toyota Prius hybrid did not notice that the traffic was stopped in front of him (roadworks on the road). First he hit a motorbike, then me in the Tesla and I was pushed forward under the Touareg," according to the driver of the Tesla as reported by Autopia.

What's amazing is that the Tesla passenger compartment managed to protect the driver under the 5000 pound VW as he escaped with only bruises.