A new mini Mini two-seater coupe and roadster get green light from BMW


BMW has confirmed that it will indeed build this mini Mini Coupe
two-seater which will debut at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show.

But not to be outdone by just a coupe version of the newest and
smallest Mini, BMW has also confirmed that it will display a roadster
version of the car to really expand it model offering as well in


Autoweek is reporting that:

"Under its steel skin, the Coupe uses the same front-wheel-drive
platform, as well as the aluminum-intensive MacPherson-strut front and
multilink rear suspension and electro-hydraulic steering system from
existing versions of the Mini. All of that hints at typical
agile-driving characteristics and firm ride qualities for the
production car, which is expected to be priced at about $36,000 when
North American sales begin in 2012."