Video: Top Gear’s The Stig revealed as Formula 1 superstar Michael Schumacher…maybe

Thestig5 Jeremy Clarkson, of the hugely popular British Television show introduced the mysterious test driver called The Stig in the usual way by saying. “Some say that he invented
the curtain, and that he recently submitted a £20,000 expenses claim for
some gravel for his moat… All we know is: He’s called The Stig.”

But that’s when things took a turn for the unusual and Clarkson asked The Stig to sit down and remove his helmet.

And guess what…it was Michael Shumacher under the now famous white helmet.

You can watch it all below:

But many are speculating that this was just a stunt by Shumacher to promote his sponsors.

According to the TimesOnline:

“All we know is: Top
has claimed that Michael Schumacher is The Stig.

The corporation pretended that it would finally end speculation about the
identity of the mysterious test driver who puts cars through their paces for
the programme by claiming that the real Stig would be unmasked.

But in the event it was a stunt to allow Michael Schumacher, the former
Formula One champion, to give publicity for Bacardi, which pays him to raise
its profile.”

In the past there have been various Stigs both black and white including:

“The first person to take on the mantle of The Stig was Perry McCarthy, a
former Formula One driver for the Andrea Moda team. He appeared in 22
episodes of the programme, which was relaunched in 2002, but was replaced
during the third series after he fell out with producers.

Other drivers to act as The Stig include Julian Bailey, a former Formula One
driver for Tyrell, who stood in for McCarthy. It is believed that at least
four people have appeared on the programme in the role,” the TimeOnline goes on to report

Top Gear’s The Stig revealed as formula one superstar Michael Schumacher…maybe