Poll: What’s the hottest sports car and do ignore the hot car babes please?


So what exactly is the hottest sports car in the world?

That's the simple question that you can answer today.

After a long and extensive search of the internet, below is a poll with some of the fastest, best and of course hottest sports cars that roam the unsuspecting streets of the world.

The only problem is that while the internet has countless web sites of hot cars, photographers seem to have a bad habit of always placing equally hot babes directly in front of these cars. And for some unknown reason the faster and more expensive the hot car, the less clothing on the equally hot models.

So you'll have to make do. 

Here's your chance to pick the hottest sports car in the world. Just take a look at the below and pick your favorite hot car using the simple poll.

And please just try your best to ignore the hot car babes and vote based on design, performance, and of course hotness of only the car.

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