Flyin’ Miata Spent a Decade V8-Swapping MX-5s, But It’s Now Officially Over

It actually abandoned doing LS swaps a few years ago, but this announcement *officially* puts the idea to rest

Flyin' Miata - LS3 swapped featured image
(Images: Bring a Trailer)

Flyin’ Miata built some of the best LS-swapped MX-5 roadsters around, but they can no longer keep it going.

As Road & Track noted in a report this week, Colorado-based Flyin’ Miata has officially announced the end of its V8 conversion program for ND Miatas. The company will still sell upgrades for folks looking to take their MX-5 up a notch, of course, but the firm said that tightening emissions regulations make the business case for offering turnkey V8 conversions.

Per the official FAQ/statement on their website:

“While Flyin’ Miata had an extensive history of building LSx-converted Miatas from 2008-2019 and built some of the most exciting Miatas to grace streets, autocrosses, tracks, and hill climbs all over the world, we have discontinued our V8 conversion service and are no longer offering turn-key builds or conversion parts for V8 builds.  There are two factors here: there are questions about the federal legality of the conversions, and we have limited resources to build cars and do R&D. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the best one for the future of the company.”

Such LS-swapped Miatas brought huge bucks. In fact, the Flyin’ Miata shop’s prototype brought in nearly $100,000 on Bring a Trailer. Another example — the first customer car to get their ‘V8 Habu’ swap — sold for $84,000 back in 2019.

Since Flyin’ Miata’s V8 swapping days are behind it, these cars will undoubtedly get more valuable as time goes on.

So, pour one out for the dream of a V8 Flyin’ Miata. The show goes on, though, and the firm will continue to offer MX-5 Miata fans a host of upgrades for their cars. That includes turbo kits for all generations from the original NA through the current ND model. Handling and braking components are also a huge part of their business.