Chevrolet Reveals New Tracker, Trailblazer In China – Could One Of These Be The Next Chevy Trax?

The Tracker looks pretty similar to the current Trax

Chevrolet Tracker and TrailBlazer
The Chevrolet Tracker and Trailblazer are only for the Chinese market, at least for now. [Photo: Chevrolet]

These models closely resemble the U.S.-market Trax and Blazer.

General Motors has been hitting the Auto Shanghai 2019 with several new models, including these two. After showing the refreshed Buick Encore and Encore GX, we now have these Chevrolet Tracker and Trailblazer versions. Here, we can see each model with their Redline packages — a sporty appearance package for some Chevy models.

Chevrolet Tracker and TrailBlazer
The new Chevy Tracker may serve as a preview for the new Trax.

Normally, Chinese-only models wouldn’t play much relevance over on our shores. However, the Tracker is important, as it could preview the next U.S.-market version of the Trax. While the current Sonic-based model has been around since 2013, we haven’t seen an all-new version since. Chevrolet did facelift the model in 2017, but nothing more significant than that.

The current Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore are based on they’re equivalent Opel model — called the Opel Mokka. Opel was under GM’s wing during the first generation’s design, but we have been wondering what would happen to Opel-inspired models when GM jettisoned the brand to French automaker PSA Group in 2017.

Chevrolet Tracker and TrailBlazer
The Chinese-market Chevy Trailblazer.

Now, it appears the Chinese Chevrolet Tracker has taken on styling cues from the larger Blazer. Or the Trailblazer, as they will know it. If that follows through to the U.S., that means we’ll see a new Trax with a similar look and platform to the Blazer. That makes sense, given the brand’s design shift in recent years. What remains to be seen, however, is what powertrains may be in the works, if a U.S. model is indeed coming.

Stay tuned to for more updates! As we wait for news on a new Chevrolet Trax, check out the old one in the video below: