Ford Initiates Large-Scale Recall of Fusion, Lincoln MKZ: Steering Wheel Can Come Off [News]

Ford Fusion Steering wheel bolt recall
[Photo: Ford]

Ford issued a large-scale recall today affecting 1.3 million Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models with faulty steering bolts.

If you own a 2014-2018 Ford Fusion or 2014-2018 Lincoln MKZ, then you’ll want to be aware of this latest safety recall. Today, Ford initiated a campaign to recall 1.3 million Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models for a faulty steering bolt. The issue stems from assembly, where the original bolts may not maintain torque over time. As a result, the bolt gets looser over time through vibration, and the steering wheel may detach. Ford says its aware of two accidents and one injury related to the defect.

Vehicles affected by the recall include 2014 – 2018 Ford Fusions built between August 6, 2013 and February 29, 2016 at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, 2014 – 2018 Fusions built between July 25, 2013 and March 5, 2018 at Ford’s Hermosillo Assembly Plant, as well as Lincoln MKZs built at the Hermosillo plant from July 25, 2013 to March 5, 2018.

[Photo: Lincoln]
So what do you do if you have a defective steering wheel bolt? If you take the car into your Ford dealer, they will replace the defective bolt for free. In its place, technicians will install a longer bolt with more substantial threading, so the steering wheel shouldn’t come loose over time. The recall affects 1,301,986 cars in the U.S. If you’re unsure whether your Fusion or MKZ is part of the recall, you can visit Ford’s recall services site here. The reference number for this recall is 18S08.

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