2019 Ford Escape Prototype: Escaping Fires in the Rocky Mountains [Video]

Whilst prototype hunting in the Rocky Mountains, Nathan and Michael came across a large number of vehicles. Many of them looked to be the new 2019 Ford Escape. Fitting, that they should find some Escape Prototypes, as a number of people in the Rockies were looking like they may have to try and escape as well. Nathan and Michael came across a full-fledged firefight in the midst of their prototype hunt. Fortunately, Colorado is quite used to these types of fires and the local fire department was able to cool the blaze with little issue.

[Photo: TFLcar]


As for the 2019 Ford Escape, we don’t know a ton about it at the moment. While there is no confirmation from Ford on this information, Nathan reported that he has heard rumors of Ford working on a hybrid system for the 2019 Ford Escape. The Escapes that we found looked to be sitting very low to the ground. Perhaps the additional weight from the batteries was helping the car sit lower. Again this is unconfirmed, but the rumor definitely started to make more sense once we saw how low the cars were sitting.

To see a full overview on the prototypes we spotted, be sure to watch the whole video.

If you manage to capture any prototype vehicles of your own, we would love to see them and possibly post them. You can send any spy shots to info@tflcar.com.