Lamborghini Centenario Tested At Nardo: Watch It Here [Video]

We first saw the ultra-limited Lamborghini Centenario at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Now, we have a second look at the super-est of supercars… this time testing at the Nardo Technical Center in Italy.

The Centenario is a demonstration of Lamborghini’s expertise in aerodynamics. The body is made entirely of carbon fiber and is offered with or without paint – for those who like it that way. Dry weight for the vehicle is 3,351 pounds.

“This car is the ultimate expression of Automobili Lamborghini,” said Alessandro Farmeschi, Automobili Lamborghini America chief operating officer. “The Centenario marks what would have been the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini and is a fitting tribute to our company’s founder. Its cutting design showcases the latest technologies that give our super sports cars such a competitive edge.”

Besides the carbon fiber body, the Centenario’s performance bits include the most powerful Lamborghini engine ever – a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 that puts out 759 hp – and a rear-wheel steering system meant to enhance turn-in feel. Lamborghini claims a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph.

Only 40 Centenarios will be made – 20 coupes and 20 roadsters. If you’re just now hearing about it, it’s safe to assume you’ll have to wait until they show up on the “previously enjoyed” market to get one.