2017 Bentley Mulsanne: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know [Video]

Bentley Mulsanne | 2016 Geneva Motor Show

At the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, Bentley introduced the 2017 face-lift of its flagship luxury sedan, the Mulsanne. The Mulsanne’s power unit is a 6.75 liter V8 that puts out 505 bhp and 752 lb-ft of torque. With this new 2017 Mulsanne, most of the design changes are in the front fascia and the interior design.

The front fascia has had a couple of noticeable changes. Most obvious is the new grille, which has been widened by roughly three inches. Additionally, Bentley has decided to go back to the vertical veins which resemble some of their older models. Perhaps the only grille more impressive than the Bentley’s is the one that sits in Flavor Flav’s Mouth.

2017 Bentley Mulsanne EWB front

Another design change made to the Mulsanne are the new headlights. Featuring a “jewel like” design, Bentley spokesperson Brett Boydell says that Bentley is really trying to make a statement with this car. Bentley wants this car to have a dominant presence on the road. The widened grille and bespoke headlights are designed to help achieve a dominating presence.

Moving to the interior of the car, Bentley has focused on creating an environment that pleases both the driver and the passenger. Brett says that the Mulsanne is designed like a true grand tourer. However, the extended wheelbase version focuses a lot of attention towards the rear seats.


The rear seats have been created to resemble those of a private jet. The aircraft style seats recline and offer an adjustable leg rest to adapt to the customer’s comfort needs. The bespoke British sedan also offers its customer new technology to allow for both a productive and comfortable ride, such as 4G cell service and in-car Wi-Fi. Bentley has also included an eight inch touch screen infotainment system with 60Gb of on-board solid-state storage for media and entertainment.

All of this comfort and luxury does come at a price, however. Mr. Boydell says the car at the Geneva show would sell for roughly £270,000 or $376,000 in freedom units. However, the base model will start at only £220,000 which is roughly $307,000 for those of us in the states.

For the full interview from the 2016 Geneva Auto Show look below: