Germans Are Bold in 2015 Super Bowl Ads


Perennial German automakers BMW and Mercedes-Benz have both leaked ads slated to air during this afternoon’s Super Bowl XLIX. Auto commercials unveiled during the big game typically come from less-established marques, such as Kia and Hyundai, and usually stress their respective vehicles’ value with respect to the German titans.

The Germans have turned the tables this time, boldly introducing their latest and greatest while undeniably taking shots at the competition. BMW will air a clever ad featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, showing first their amazement at the concept of “internet” on the Today Show in 1994 before fast-forwarding to the the hosts driving in the brand-new BMW i3. Just as in 1994, the pair begs, “Allison, can you explain what i3 is?” while grappling with the i3’s drivetrain setup. BMW implies an ambitious comparison here–that the introduction of the i3 will have the same ripple effects as the first introduction of the “world-wide-web.” That certainly sets the stakes high for the i3’s success while simultaneously showcasing the company’s incredible trust and confidence in the revolutionary EV.


Mercedes-Benz AMG took a similar route for their commercial promoting the all-new AMG GT. The camera zooms in to a child’s automotive fantasies during a dream and shows the ever-popular Porsche 911 tearing up a circuit. From the rear, a yellow-orange AMG GT zooms up to the 911 and eventually overtakes it–the child responds by waking from the dream. The ad ends with the statement, “The car you dreamed of as a child has just been overtaken,” leaving absolutely no doubt about Mercedes-Benz’s aims for the AMG GT. Just like with BMW’s i3 ad, the commercial heightens the world’s expectations for Mercedes’ newest performance machine in an extremely bold fashion.

It’s refreshing to see some of the classic German car rivalries making their way into the mass media once again, and the ambition of these ads is a nice reminder that the “innovate or die” principle spares no manufacturer. Where BMW and Mercedes-Benz seem to be able to rest on their laurels and reputation, these ads suggest otherwise, speaking to the companies’ progressive outlook. Now let’s hope the cars can live up to the hype.

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