Volvo XC90 First In Line For New Apple CarPlay Integration

Volvo CarPlay

Apple has partnered with six different automakers to roll out its new CarPlay integration for iPhones, but Volvo looks to be first out of the gate with the upcoming 2014 Volvo XC90. Other manufacturers planning on integrating CarPlay into their vehicles for the 2014 model year include the likes of Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz.

The news came this morning as Volvo announced plans to integrate CarPlay into their revamped XC90 SUV that is set to debut sometime later this year. There will be a new portrait touchscreen in the Volvo XC90 that will show both Volvo’s content and the iPhone’s content simultaneously.

The idea behind the portrait-style dual screen is that it will remove the need for drivers to switch between one screen for the car’s applications and another to see what’s available on their iPhone. This will help reduce driver distraction. Initially, the connection between the iPhone and the car will be only through a Lightning cable, but they promise Wi-Fi connectivity is on the way in the future.

Apple CarPlay, which replaces Apple’s iOS in the Car, will allow access to all the basic functions of a user’s phone like calling, messages, music and navigation as well as a selection of third-party apps like Spotify. This access can be made using the Volvo XC90’s touchscreen or it can be voice activated with Siri which will help keep the driver’s eyes on the road and aid in reducing issues from distracted driving even further.

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