Modern Collectibles Revealed: 2001 Mustang Bullitt Edition

 2001 mustang bullitt edition

The 2001 Mustang Bullitt Edition was the first movie tribute car built by Ford. It’s loaded with special components that were unique compared to all other 2001 Mustang base and GT models. From the exterior look, to interior trim, to chassis extras, and engine performance – the Bullitt stands apart. Introduced for sale in February of 2001, the low production number Bullitt package only had two options.  Does it have what it take to be a modern collectible?

The Bullitt edition was built as a tribute to the 1968 movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen, which most would agree set a standard for  cinema car chases. Frank Bullitt’s car choice was a 1968 Highland Green GT fastback. Ford decided to build a production car with the demand of the from the prototype and the L.A. Auto Show and offer in three colors: Dark Highland Green, Black, and True Blue. There were a total of 5,582 Bullitts made, with: 3,041 DHG, 1,818 Black, and 732 in TB. Each Bullitt was individually numbered on the driver side strut tower under the hood with a build number along with a hidden sticker under the rear seat. The first four cars were given to the McQueen family badged as McQueen 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The chassis was improved with a 3/4 inch lower ride height, larger sway bars, specially tuned Tokico shocks and struts along with sub-frame connectors.  Stopping power comes from 13 inch rotors with dual piston caliper at the front and 11 inch rear rotors with single piston caliper. Both front and rear calipers are factory painted red with the fronts having an embossed running horse. The wheels were unique anthracite gray 17×8 torque thrusts that closely match the 1968 car.

2001 mustang bullitt ford

The engine was built with an all new aluminum intake with twin 57 mm throttle bodies that supply the low end torque.  Ford also increased the pulley sizes of the alternator and water pump to reduce parasitic losses.  This setup was rated at 265 hp and 305 ft lbs of torque.

There are several subtle exterior cues that add to the cleaner lines of the Bullitt. The grille’s running horse surround was blacked out, deleted fog lights, deleted spoiler, solid mounted rocker panel splash guards, faux side scoop is a  flush fit panel, stainless fuel filler door, and the c-pillar design goes straight down rather than curving towards the front.

The interior cues were specially designed to provide a mix of modern and retro looks. The seats resemble late sixties-early seventies pattern along with the white lit gauge cluster. The aluminum shit knob, trim ring, door seal plates and door locks add a nice modern touch. Finally, the pedals were aluminum with the brake pedal closer to the accelerator for better heal toe shifting.

Over the years since production plenty of the 2001 Bullitts were modified, uncared for, and totaled. Interestingly the web blog has compiled a registry for Bullitt owners and currently accounts for 3,024 cars. With such a great following and the fact that the Bullitt was the first movie tribute car, it would make for a great collectible in 15-20 years from now.