GONE TO THE GUILLOTINE: Cars that I will truly miss

Cars that have gone to the guillotine

A recent death in the family has caused me to ponder mortality in all its aspects — even in the Automotive Industry. “Progress is necessary…. ” that’s what I keep telling myself when a car that I really like goes off the market into extinction. There have been cars that lacked power, style or mass-appeal, but had my heart by the strings.  Had I the resources, I would purchase an example of every one of these cars; but alas, I cannot. In the space I am allotted here, please let me share with you  a few cars, to which, I have said the long goodbye.


   2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe 4

Gone to the guillotine: PONTIAC SOLSTICE

This is the answer to the equation: Car Guy + Executive + Parts Bin. It didn’t win any awards for technology or performance, but it did win hearts.  That’s what this car was all about. Too little, too late, though for Pontiac. Let’s also add the Saturn Sky. Different audience, Same platform, same outcome.


Gone to the guillotine: VOLVO C30

The C30 had done its job attracting new customers to the brand and was certainly an attractive option. Too bad it’s gone. A Hyundai Veloster/Volvo C30 Comparo would have been nice. The Volvo C30 did what the early Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1-Series did for their companies: provide an affordable portal to a respected marque. Too bad it was outlived by the others.


Gone to the guillotine: LEXUS LF-A

Okay, the Lexus science project didn’t actually get the axe, but the limited run of 500 was completed. It wasn’t the fastest exotic, but, the 4.8-liter, V10 with 552 hp did its job well.  A good friend who spent $375,000 would be great to have right now. The LF-A will be mentioned for years to come.


Gone to the guillotine: ACURA ZDX

2013 is the final year of production for the ZDX. Acura says it wants to focus on future models and technology. Obviously, the demise of the ZDX had to do with sales. Why no one would buy a car that does what a BMW X6 does with more style and flair is beyond me. Perhaps the $51,000 entry fee kept people from buying what appears to be an MDX with a mullett. I think it’s a shame that you couldn’t buy the ZDX for RDX money. Personally, this one is gonna hurt!


Gone to the guillotine: HYUNDAI VERACRUZ

The Veracruz had been replaced. Its glory stolen by the younger brother.  Sadly, I thought it would be a family-friendly alternative to the Lexus RX350. Priced from $28,345, the Veracruz mid-size crossover SUV never caught on in the U.S. like the Santa Fe did. It showed that Hyundai was decisively making an effort to be competitive.

Omni GLH

Gone to the guillotine:DODGE OMNI SHELBY GLH-S

I know I am going quite a way back with this one, but I am into alternatives.   . Why not go out and blow the doors off a VW Rabbit GTI with something else. Thank you, once again, Carroll Shelby! While this will never bring Barrett-Jackson money, it is still one for the everyday man that bears your name.

Tune in next time as we continue our retrospective. In the meantime, please pay your respects to the Acura MDX  in this video review before it’s too late.

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