Best of TFLcar 2010: Two Suzuki Vitaras take on the Rocky Mountains and each other


Editor’s Note: In the last few days of 2010 we’re pleased to feature some of the most interesting stories of the year. Today we continue with a not so mashed-up match-up between two Suzuki Vitaras.

Most modern crossover vehicles (CUVs) are not really designed to go off-road…at least not much beyond a dirt road.

But that’s certainly not the case with the Suzuki Grand Vitara which still retains the classic SUV body architecture.

In fact, most small CUV are built just like cars and would (and could not) handle the rocks, roads or steep inclines of the Rocky Mountains.

So that begs a pretty simple question: off-road what’s the most logical old school body on frame SUV to compare to the old school body on frame Suzuki Grand Vitara.


The answer was right before our eyes…another Suzuki Grand Vitara of course.

And before you get to confused we’ll note that while both Suzuki’s we tested were silver and had the drive-train…but one was come with all of the stuff you normally see on trail rated and lifted Jeep while the other one was bone stock.

Check out the video below to see how a stock Suzuki Grand Vitara does in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains when tested against one that’s off-road ready.

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