It may be an 85 Maserati Biturbo with only 18K miles but it is still a clunker

The Italians have a magical way of taking the raw stuff that makes up a car and creating a living breathing work of art.


Especially when the car is built by Italian companies ending in "i".

But alas something went terrible wrong with this magic formula in 1985 when this Maserati Biturbo was built in Italy and sold in America.

When you combine that with the fact the the Maserati Biturbo is not exactly the ideal ski car for the slopes of Colorado you can start to see why somebody would trade it in as a clunker or $3500 for a new Subaru.

Let's face facts. The Maserati Biturbo was pretty much a clunker when it was built (think Porsche 924) so it should come as no surprise that it ended up in the clunker section of a Golden, Colorado Subaru dealership parking lot.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Check out the news vid on how it got traded HERE.