The world’s most inappropriate cars


It is a painful fact but the world wide economy is circling the toilet.

In the United States the car companies are calling uncle, and begging uncle Sam for more billions every press conference.

But for some drivers around the world these issues are just minor speed bumps along the road to their yacht, private jet, or personal Caribbean island.

To the ultra rich, the words conspicuous and consumption go together like baloney and bread.

Just for them, in these trying times, I've put together a small list of the World's Most Inappropriate Cars.

And here they are in no particular order.

The Solid Gold Porsche 911

You might spot this car, if you are lucky, cruising the street of Russia's biggest and trendies cities. Nothing says you've made it big like a 911 covered in 40 pounds of solid gold.


The detail work is exquisite and complete inappropriate and over the top.


The Diamond Mercedes Benz SL

You probably guessed that this Mercedes SL probably belongs to a prince in Saudi Arabia.

What you may not know is it really is not covered in diamonds but 200,000 Swarkovski crystals and Bavarian White Mammoth seat covers.


What even more amazing to me are the White Mammoth fur covered seats. Because it is just not enough to have a crystal covered Mercedes Benz—you also need to bling out the seats with Bavarian White mammoth. By the way, what exactly is Bavarian White Mammoth?


The solid chrome Mercedes Benz SLR

So your buddy has a diamond (make that crystal and fur) covered SL.

How do you top that?

Obviously with this car parked outside of the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.  A solid chrome SLR.


The solid silver Audi A8

But let's say that you find diamonds and chrome just a wee bit too ostentatious.

You are older and you want to show that you are serious by the car you drive. Well nothing says restraint (at least in Saudi Arabia) like solid silver Audi A8.


The Gold Hummer

So I have to be honest and let you know that this Hummer is just painted gold and not covered in the precious stuff like the Porsche 911.


But I think you'll agree with me that the lack of gold on the outside is made-up for by the excess of pink on the inside. Check out the crazy roof that says, "I'm a disco party ready to happen"


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