Andretti and Cadillac Team Up for F1 Racing. Yes, *Formula One* Racing with Cadillac!

I wasn't exactly expecting that one

Cadillac and Andretti team up for Formula One racing - news

General Motors’ Cadillac is partnering with Andretti Global to join F1 as Team Andretti Cadillac.

The group, or team name “Andretti Cadillac” is exactly what it sounds like, a partnership between Andretti Global and General Motors’ luxury brand Cadillac. Now, just to be clear, Cadillac has a stout history with racing and performance cars. Still, entering Formula One racing is a remarkably expensive endeavor. Cadillac has no presence, or history, in F1 racing to date.

Currently competing Formula E, the IndyCar Series, Indy Lights, and Indy Pro 2000, Andretti Global has Formula One in its sights. This makes sense considering the family name. Also, the Chairman and CEO of Andretti Global is Michael Andretti, who has actual Formula One experience. As does his legendary farther Mario.

“I feel very strongly that we are suited to be a new team for Formula One and can bring value to the series and our partners, and excitement for the fans. I’m proud to have GM and Cadillac alongside us as we pursue this goal.”

Andretti Cadillac stated that they want to compete soon, and with at least one American driver. Given their request is now in the hands of the FIA, it may take time to find out if this team can compete. There is no word on other partners, and it’s unclear whether Cadillac/GM will be engineering their own F1 racer, or basing it on an existing platform.

In my opinion, it would behoove the FIA to allow the world’s largest automaker to enter F1. It would bring renewed interest into the sport in the United States. On top of that, it would add a new dimension to the teams.

We will be keeping a close eye on this story.