The 7th Generation Ford Mustang WILL Get Six-Speed Manual Transmission – Rejoyce!

Image: Ford

Based on a image released by Ford, it looks like the 7th generation Ford Mustang will allow drivers to row their own gears!

Manual transmissions, like the one that WILL an option in the 7th generation Ford Mustang are becoming rare. Recently, an executive from Ford posted a tweet with the image posted above. We’ve seen disguised Ford Mustang prototypes running around the Rocky Mountains for some time. We even caught a few on video.

Check out the media website (here).

This is something that manual transmission lovers will dig when it arrives. My personal perspective is that manual transmissions make the drive (any drive) more engaging. We don’t know whether or not the 7th generation Ford Mustang will get a six-speed manual transmission in all engine configurations or not. Right now, you can get just about any Mustang powerplane (including the EcoBoost I4) with a siz-speed manual.

Image: Twitter/Ford

We know that the 7th generation Ford Mustang will have a significant exterior upgrade. Most likely, it will get an updated interior with a larger infotainment (SYNC4) screen too. There are a ton of rumors about a variety of new V8s, and a rumor about the return of the V6. On top of that, several “experts” are banking on Ford adding a hybrid powertrain to the next Mustang.

None of these rumblings have been addressed by Ford – yet.

Image: TFLcar

To be honest, we’re just pleased to see that the manual transmission is still around. Considering that only a handful of vehicles come standard with a manual gearbox, it’s kind of a miracle. Let’s just hope other automakers take note!

Check out this video of what we thought the future of Mustang would become…