The More Affordable Polestar 2 Single Motor Is Now Available To Order

Losing an electric motor shaves $4,000 off the asking price

Polestar 2
The single-motor version of Polestar’s sedan trades some speed for a bit more range, and a lower starting price. (Images: Polestar)

Pricing starts at $47,200 for the front-wheel drive Polestar 2.

As the electric car market continues to grow, Polestar has been looking to make a name for itself with the more mainstream Polestar 2. The $51,200 dual-motor car offers a compelling package in itself, especially as the Tesla Model 3 Long Range now starts at $54,490. Now, though, there’s a more affordable version in the single-motor Polestar 2, which lowers the asking price to $47,200 including destination.

Pricing does not include the $7,500 federal tax credit or any state incentive, so you could feasibly land a less expensive Polestar 2 for under $40,000.

Granted, you do make a couple sacrifices to save that money. You only get 231 horsepower going to the front wheels, rather than 408 hp heading to all four. As such, the 0-60 time goes up to 7.0 seconds, but there is an up side: You do get more range. The Single Motor manages 270 miles on a charge, to the Dual Motor’s 249 miles. Those are official EPA ratings, and the FWD model actually nets 5 miles more than Polestar’s original estimates when it announced it last year.

Standard equipment between the two versions is also identical, so you’ll just compromise on performance in getting the cheaper option. Whichever Polestar 2 you may be interested in, you can build it on the company’s configurator site right now.