Expect Tons Of Aftermarket Jeep Wagoneer Support, Says Brand CEO: “We’ll See A Lot Of Fun Stuff”

He also threw out "crazy sh*t" in describing his hope for the aftermarket to go berserk

Jeep Wagoneer
The new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer aim to woo people with their size and luxury — but they’re still Jeeps. (Photos: Stellantis)

We can’t wait for the SEMA Wagoneer concepts to arrive.

Most of us out there in the enthusiast world have strong opinions in either direction about Jeep and its modern lineup. One thing that’s tough to fault, though, is the “go nuts” attitude that follows new reveals. That translates to other brands like Dodge as well, but it’s usually a good sign when you see tacit support for a strong aftermarket around a particular brand or model. Jeep has one of the best offerings in that regard, as companies from all over flock to the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and the Gladiator pickup. Jeep boss Christian Meunier hopes that carries on with the Wagoneer as well, according to his recent interview with Muscle Cars & Trucks.

“Crazy sh*t. We’ll see a lot of fun stuff on the Wagoneer, and we want to stimulate that. I think of Wagoneer, maybe a little less on Grand Wagoneer, we’ll see overlanders, we’ll see all kinds of lift kits and tires and outdoorsy stuff.” Then, he threw out one more nugget for Jeep lovers: “Get ready to see the Wagoneer at SEMA.”

Hopefully the aftermarket goes berserk

The 2021 show should go on as normal this November, and we’ll undoubtedly see Jeep’s resurrected icon make its appearance. For all its three-row practicality, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer do ride on a truck-based body-on-frame platform. Jeep says its a completely new architecture (and for the brand, it is), though it is largely similar to the Ram 1500 pickup. What’s more, Stellantis will build Jeep’s new large SUV at the same Warren Truck plant in Michigan as the Ram 1500. Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer also pack Hemi V8 power — 5.7 liters under the Wagoneer’s hood, while the Grand Wagoneer gets the 6.4-liter “Big Hemi”. Paired to a ZF-based 8-speed automatic transmission, these trucks have many of the same components aftermarket firms have supported for years. That makes opening the community up to Jeep’s latest offerings that much easier.

We’ve seen epic machines debut at SEMA, so we hope those companies go berserk. Apart from just admiring the creativity on display, hopefully it will inspire folks to upfit their vehicles and create something awesome. Mopar has significantly expanded the Jeep Performance Parts catalog as well — even if you argue that’s just to cash in on that sweet aftermarket action. At any rate, better availability means we’ll hopefully see some great things very soon.

H/T to Muscle Cars & Trucks for their interview. This gets me even more excited for SEMA.