New McLaren Artura Teased Ahead Of February 16 Reveal: Here’s What We Can See So Far

McLaren's next-gen sports car will go on sale later this year

New McLaren Artura Teased Ahead Of February 16 Reveal: Here's What We Can See So Far

McLaren’s next hybrid supercar is just around the corner.

On Wednesday, McLaren teased the Artura as its next high-performance hybrid supercar. While the photo above mostly just shows its silhouette for now, we do have older camouflaged images from which we can infer. This car will replace the “Sports Series” including the 570S with a V6-based powertrain, drawing on its past experience with hybrid performance.

In its official capacity, here’s what McLaren has to say about the Artura:

Concentrating the full force of McLaren’s expertise in race and road car engineering into one ground-breaking, next-generation High-Performance Hybrid supercar, the Artura is new in every respect. Powered by an all-new hybrid powertrain that features an all-new V6 engine and with the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture at its core, the Artura is another compelling example of McLaren’s commitment to super-lightweight engineering to deliver outstanding levels of thrilling performance, driver engagement and efficiency. 

The Artura will mark the first vehicle since the MP4-12C that won’t use the brand’s twin-turbo V8 engine in some capacity. Instead, it seems this new car will lean heavier on electrification, though I seriously doubt that’s going to hurt performance. The McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture also sounds promising, to where we could see a power-to-weight ratio on par or even exceeding what we’ve seen in the Sports Series cars.

Of course, there are no official specs to back that up just yet. Fortunately, we’ll know more soon. Beyond the February 16 presentation, the Artura will go on sale later this year.