Over 10,000 People Have Pre-Ordered The Volkswagen ID.3 – In Just 24 Hours

The car will emerge in Europe, but whether it's coming to the U.S. remains unclear

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen just unveiled a heavily (and psychedelically) camouflaged version of a new hatchback in their I.D. electric range. Volkswagen calls this new hatch the ID.3 and VW certainly has some high aspirations for this vehicle. Currently VW plans to sell the ID.3 in Europe only. Though, the German manufacturer hopes to sell 100,000 ID.3s per year eventually. Volkswagen currently plans to build 30,000 pre-order units. These are a special edition called the 1st Special Edition. However, VW is well on their way to that number after just 24 hours. Orders for 1ST launch edition opened yesterday, May 8th. Within just 24 hours, VW reports a whopping 10,000 pre-orders.

More about the Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3

Why are people so excited about this new electric hatchback? It seems to hit a number of important marks, including pricing and range. The least-expensive Volkswagen ID.3 will start just under 30,000 euros, or around $33,600. That model comes standard with 205 miles of range. But, there are two other options. The pre-order-able ID.3 1ST launch edition has 260 miles of range at a cost just under 40,000 euros, or around $45,000. The company will also offer its customers up to 2,000 kWh of free charging for the first year they own the ID.3.

An interesting Offer… For Europe

Currently VW has not announced any plans to bring the Volkswagen ID.3 to the U.S. market. Instead, we are slated to get the I.D. Buzz and the I.D. Crozz. Those countries that are supposed to get the Volkswagen ID.3 should see deliveries start in 2020. If VW were going to bring the ID.3 to the US, we expect it will probably arrive sometime after 2021.

A fun Easter Egg

Notice the wheels?

Those of you who have been paying close attention to the Volkswagen I.D. range might have noticed a familiar design trait in the wheels that come on the ID.3. Especially if you are into motorsports. Those wheels look like they pay homage to the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak fully electric race car. To see the I.D. R Pike’s Peak in action, be sure to watch the video below:

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