I See Your Low Mileage 1975 Honda Civic and Raise You a “Lower” Mileage 1976 Honda Civic

Finding a low mileage Honda Civic is about as easy as finding a unicorn. But, then again, we live in the age of the internet. Today, the internet found two, nearly perfect, low mileage Honda Civic examples from the 1970s.

1975 Honda Civic CVCC

The first example came up on a Bring a Trailer auction that ended today. It is a 1975 Honda Civic CVCC that has 11K original miles and was owned by the same family for the last 43 years. According to the seller, it was garage kept and barely driven. I buy it. This thing is immaculate. It comes with a 1488cc (or 1.5-liter) four-cylinder CVCC motor that made 54 horsepower when it was new.

This example has a 4-speed manual gearbox that sends power to the front wheels. The color is called Caroline Yellow and it looks gorgeous. Plus, this one comes with dealer-installed magnesium basket-weave wheels that look pretty cool. The original window sticker, that the owner still possessed, showed an MSRP of $3,089, in 1975. Today that is about $14,500.

Funnily enough, this example sold for $15,555. Forty-three years later and it gained about $1,500 in buying power. Congrats to the owner of this beautiful example. Though this isn’t the lowest mileage 1970’s Civic you could have bought today.

1976 Honda Civic CVCC

This car, on the other hand, is a 1976 Honda Civic CVCC available for sale in Atlanta from a dealership called Streetside Classics. This example also appears to be extremely low mileage, with the odometer reading 2,196 miles in its 42 years. However, the odometer only has five numbers on it. I get the feeling that this example more likely has 102,196 miles on it than it does 2,000. All things considered, it does seem to have aged well, even if it’s done more than its odometer shows.

It comes in Orange and features the same powerplant as the other model. It’s still a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that makes 54 horsepower. Power is likewise sent to the front wheels through a 4-speed manual. This one isn’t quite as perfectly original as the last one. Somebody has installed an aftermarket head unit for the stereo. However, the rest of the car seems to still be in original condition. This dealership is asking $16,995 for their ‘low mileage’ Civic. I remain skeptical that this one is as low mileage as the odometer reports, but there is always a chance.

It’s always fun to find some crazy low mileage cars from a bygone era. Cars, if maintained properly, can be a time capsule to the past. Hopefully the new owner of the ’75 model enjoys their museum piece, and hopefully the ’76 car finds a loving home as well.

How would you feel paying $15,555 for a like-new Civic from 1975? Is the orange example as low mileage as this dealership claims? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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