Ford Mustang EcoBoost or VW Jetta GLI? [Ask TFL]

ASK TFL: Mustang or Jetta?

This week, Gordon wrote to us with a great question. We at TFL have our opinions, but so do you, our readers. Give Gordon’s request a read and then vote for your pick — or drop your suggestion into the comments section. Let’s help Gordon make the best decision.

Dear TFL Car team,

Could you help me? I moved to the suburbs of NJ about 2 years ago from NYC, and my dad’s old car (2001 Dodge Stratus RT coupe with manual transmission) essentially died. Looking into buying new car as it is essential out here (cabs are expensive), and hoping to take advantage of upcoming Labor Day deals and dealerships trying to get rid of 2017s.

Deciding between a few potential vehicles, but two that I have in mind most are the Ford Mustang ecoboost and the Volkswagen Jetta GLI. Both are similarly priced, but are almost polar opposites.

Mustang  (American car (important to me), good options, solid engine, nice interior, sexy looks, more horsepower, but rear wheel drive and dealership where best deal is is 18 miles away). Also, my elderly parents live with me (one of whom (my Dad) is bedridden ), so space is a potential concern in an emergency. Although, it is my Dad who is the car guy, and recommended the Mustang to me as another car guy in the family.

Jetta GLI (also great car, nice interior, drove one before and had good experience, decent horsepower  (but not as much as Mustang EcoBoost for the same price) and is front wheel drive). Also, dealership is within walking distance to my house.

Would really appreciate your advice and reply. Other recommendations are appreciated as well.
Hope to hear back from you. Regards, Gordon

At TFL, we always get questions like this. Our advice: Always get the car you want, not the car you think you need. You will usually be happy with the car you want 95 percent of the time or more. Whereas, if you capitulate to getting the car you simply need, it may be fine, but you won’t necessarily enjoy driving it. And that, my friends, is no fun. Knowing this, we’d recommend the Mustang. Gordon, your Dad will be happy too.

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