What’s the difference between reality and reality TV? [Ask Roman]

Instead of getting manufactured drama, TFL videos provide views with real time events.

Roman Mica explained during his latest edition of Ask Roman how TFL differs from the competition, and other “reality TV” shows that are out there or have aired.

During a recent TFLtruck video, Roman and Mr. Truck took a 30-year-old truck with 30-year-old brakes on a Colorado road. They towed 6,000 pounds behind them on the road, which is one of the steepest grades in America.

Roman said his reactions were genuine, and nothing was scripted. The reality TV genre started with MTV’s The Real World and several other companies have followed the same format.

What can viewers expect with TFL? And, how does TFL differ from the rest? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.