Top 5 Best Classic Porsche Bargains – Project Porsche Ep. 1 [Video]

In the first episode of the Project Porsche Series, Roman and Porsche expert Adam Jaspers talk about what they believe to be the top 5 best classic Porsche bargains. It has been a dream of many car enthusiasts to one day own a Porsche. Their iconic looks and handling characteristics have made Porsches some of the most desireable collectors cars available. However, there are some Porsches that have yet to acheive the prices of a 1980’s 911 Turbo.

Sitting at #5 is the 2007 997 911. Adam calls it the first generation of used 911 because it is the generation that was most reccently replaced by the 991 911. Because of this, the 997 is one of the most popular used 911s. With 325 Horsepower in the base model and a used price hovering around $35,000, the 997 is a great option for someone looking to get into their first Porsche.

At #4 on the list is the 964 911. In production from 1984-89, the 964 still has an air cooled engine which produced 247 horsepower for the Porsche enthusiasts looking for a more pure driving experience. However, unlike most other air cooled Porsches, the 964 can be bought for around $30,000 which is why it gets a spot on the classic Porsche bargain list.

Coming in #3 is the 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. With a used price aroun $16,000, the Cayenne Turbo offers buyers the Porsche that can do it all. While not being a sports car, it feels sporty and fun to drive. The massive turbo V8 makes 450 horsepower, plenty to get any driver into a crazy amount of trouble and yet it has enough room to take the family skiing in the mountains. For the Porsche enthusiast who can only have one car, this may be it.

Classic Porsche Trio

The #2 spot on this list goes to the 1999-2004 996 911 Turbo. With 420 horsepower and a used price falling to around $40,000 the 996 Turbo offers excellent value for money. You get AWD and a relatively stable engine that doesnt succomb to the IMS bearing failures that plague the 996 generation of Porsches. But perhaps the best part is that you get to own a bona fide 911 Turbo.

Taking the #1 spot on the list is the 1997 Porsche Boxter. The one in this video was bought for $5,000 and with 198 horsepower and a mide engine design it is hard to come across anything that will compare for that low of a pricetag. Despite the, perhaps unfair, monacre of ‘poor man’s Porsche’ the Boxter remains an excellent drivers car with magnificent driving dynamics. For this reason, and its incredibly low pricetag, the Boxter securely takes the top spot on out bargain Porsche list.

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