Top 5 Cool & Quirky Things About the MINI Cooper S Clubman [Video]

The MINI Cooper S Clubman is the company’s longest and widest vehicle to date. I have decided to avoid the requisite quip about how this MINI is not very mini at all and instead share with you some of the more interesting things I found in and around the car.

#5: Hood Design

Known as a “bonnet” across the pond, the MINI’s hood has two holes cut out for the headlamps. Open it up and the view of the lights just sitting there is rather odd. This is the only car that I know of with this kind of design.

#4: Fake Hood Scoop

Once upon a time — when the car had an R53 supercharger, to be exact — the hood scoop was a bona fide air sucker. Nowadays, the “scoop” is merely a remnant of days gone by. At least what’s underneath is a very real 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger from BMW.

#3: Rear Barn Doors

Rear barn doors are odd enough, but MINI really wants you to be able to open them. Case in point: there are four ways to gain access to the cargo space (not counting crawling over the rear seats). How many can you name before watching the video?

#2: Pedestal Mirrors

Mounted on the doors, pedestal mirrors are a clever way to increase visibility where the mirrors are normally mounted. In MINI’s case, however, the area where the side mirrors would normally be mounted is blacked out. Apparently the designers were going for pure swag when they opted to incorporate pedestal mirrors.

#1: Center Display

There is a lot going on here, from the graphics you’ll find switching through the different drive modes to the light show surrounding the display unit. There’s a rocket, go-kart, and even a fish that likes to dine on stars (I couldn’t make this stuff up).

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Photographs by Derek Mau